Aluminum Plate With

Mar 05, 2020

Aluminum sheet and strip should be the third large variety that has developed rapidly after aluminum profiles and aluminum foil. From the current development situation, the development of aluminum sheet and strip seems to be faster than aluminum profiles and aluminum foil. Shang Qing era research found that the development of aluminum strip in China is characterized by the development of "double wave". The development of "first wave" can be defined as the development of ordinary aluminum strip, especially the large-scale successful manufacture and continuous production of continuous double-roll casting and rolling mills.

The popularization and application has created good conditions for the large-scale production, consumption and export of ordinary aluminum strips and formed China's international advantage in using cast-rolling methods to produce general-purpose aluminum strips. Since 2005, the investment construction of China's aluminum strips can be defined as the "second wave" development, that is, the development of high-precision aluminum strips, the development momentum of the second wave is very strong, and the investment scale is far more than the "first wave" ordinary The development of aluminum strip is characterized by more modern equipment. Most projects use modern hot rolling technology equipment and intelligent cold rolling equipment at home and abroad; the production capacity is generally more than 250,000 tons / year. Shang Qing era research found that

According to the current investment forecast of China's aluminum rolling industry, it is estimated that during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's aluminum rolling industry will produce 7 million-ton aluminum sheet, strip and foil extra large rolling enterprises. The number of manufacturing enterprises will rank first in the world. In terms of production capacity, it can be compared with internationally renowned aluminum enterprises such as Hydro, Alcoa, Novelis, etc., which also marks the basic formation of the Chinese aluminum rolling industrial system. Industry will truly enter a stable period of connotative development of product structure adjustment.